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Bellezze italiane di California:
Ecco alcune concorrenti di "Miss Italia California", la gara di bellezza che si è tenuta a Sausalito (San Francisco) per scegliere le reginette che parteciperanno a "Miss Italia Usa" e infine a "Miss Italia nel mondo".







  L'ESPRESSO - Apr 22, 2010L'EspressoBelle and Pupi in California:
Another season another burst of Italianism in the San Francisco’s Bay Area. It must be the spring, or the fact that Italian-American are not longer ashamed of their ethnicity, after all Ethnic is so in now in the US, but the Miss Italia-USA California Pageant which was held in Sausalito was a roarin’ success. 12 contestant, an interesting Polaroid of how how ethnicity has evolved in the Golden State, took stage at the Gene Hiller Building were flanked by Samantha Ferro and Manuel De Peppe as hosts and entertained by Don Novello, the infamous Father Sarducci of then Saturday Night Live, and E Street’s saxophonist Clarence Clemons. Besides some inanities relating to the Mafia, certainly due to an inebriated state of mind of the lady who proffered them, the night was a swell, and here are the photos to prove it.
  EXAMINER - Apr 13, 2010Examiner
It felt like driving into Positano Saturday when you crossed the Golden Gate. Sausalito was the chosen city to host the 2nd annual Miss Italia California Pageant. The flavor was authentic Italian and the prestigious Gene Hiller Menswear in Sausalito was the fitting locale. Guests lined the red carpet eager to get in. Once inside they were surrounded by two stories of the finest in casual to formal imported clothing. Brands like Brioni, Canali, Zegna, Pal Zileri, Zanella and a staff with artisan appreciation, unsurpassed product knowledge and customer service have earned them critical acclaim. This seaside store has gotten international recognition from the Italian Trade Commission, Esquire, GQ and Forbes Magazine. Italian celebrity hosts Samantha Ferro and Manuel De Peppe directed the festivities along with Gene Hiller Managing Partner, Wayne Kaleck. VP, Tom Gangitano was seen on and off the stage. Entertainment was provided by Italian Tenor, Sergio Catanzariti accompanied by Sal di Maggio. SNL original cast member Don Novello brought back his “Father Guido Sarducci” act and musician Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band also gave a rare performance.>>
  Miss Italia California
What I love about my job is that I get to meet people from all walks of life throughout the Bay Area. What comes along in the package is the privilege and opportunity to discover hidden gems that are right below my nose – in this context, over the Golden Gate Bridge and $4 toll to a small town that goes by the hard to spell name, Sausalito. This event takes place at the famous Gene Hiller Menswear, it was the perfect venue – just take my word for it. The producer of Miss Italia Nel Mondo USA California, Samantha Ferro put on not only an excellent pageant with a strikingly family-like vibe (its rare). Her passions are obvious – promoting Italian heritage and culture. A hero in my book to see someone work this hard and sacrifice so much for what she believes in. Entertainers and guests alike mingled with one another (maybe it was the open bar provided by 2Nite Vodka, but i’m not going to point fingers) Invited some of the most affluent italian figures in our community as well as some famous performers such as Clarence Clemmons. I stopped taking photographs for a moment – the performance was paralyzing and that’s my story! The contestants we’re also a lot of fun to meet and hang around with. I’m going to skip the details of the pageant and let my event gallery pictures tell the story when I finish them up and post them.>>