Competition is limited to females who are either Italian or of an Italian origin living outside of Italy, which means they must meet the following pre-requisites:

1) Must be a current resident of the country they are representing.

2) Must be of Italian origin or have one or more parent or grandparent who is of Italian descent.

3) Must be of female gender since birth.

4) Must be a minimum age of 17 (seventeen) and maximum of 26 (twenty-six) years old as of Dec. 31, 2010.

5) Must display proper conduct and never have been involved in any offensive incidents or acts offensive to common morals.

6) Must not have ever posed promiscuously or in the nude.

7) Must never have appeared, portrayed, or been featured in any way in pornographic or adult film, plays or shows of any kind.

8) Must never have made public display of poor character; or displayed any behavior considered inappropriate competition etiquette.

Contestants must sign the model release form for use of all photographic and film materials recorded during the finals for use in stills, film, digital, video, or other forms, for informational, promotional, broadcasting or other purposes.